Mission Statement

By Grace: Loving God, Each Other, & All People

At Christ Covenant we want a vision for both who we are as God's people and what it means to live life in light of this reality.

"By Grace"

We believe that everything starts with God's grace. Scripture tells the story of God's faithful and undeserved grace to a broken world-highlighted by Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. We believe that we must fully rely upon this grace not only for salvation but also for living every single day. We want to reflect this profound reality in everything we do.

"Loving God"

Our first response to God's grace must be profound love for the one who has redeemed us. One of the best ways we can seek to love, know, and live in relationship with the triune God of Scripture is through his perfect Word. Because of this, we highly value the preaching, teaching, & studying of the Word.

"Each Other"

As we grow with God, we are called to grow in our love for others.This starts in the church. If the church doesn't know and love one another-how can we love those who do not share our beliefs? Because of this we value the building of genuine community within our church through various ministries.

"& All People"

However, our love can't stop inside the walls of the church. We are called to share Christ's love with all people-no matter how similar or different they are from us. And so, as a church, we are seeking to grow in our efforts to share Jesus' love both spiritually and physically in Leoti and beyond.

In all that we do as a church body, we hope to live in light of Christ's redeeming grace so that we might love our Savior, love our church, and love our neighbors both near and far.

Meet Our Pastor

Stephen, Morgan, Parker, Garrett, and Jane joined us at Christ Covenant in January 2014. Growing up in Kansas City, Stephen first sensed a call to pastoral ministry in early high school. In addition to serving in suburban Kansas City, Stephen has also lived and served in urban St. Louis and rural Iowa. When it comes to ministry, Stephen is learning that absolutely everything centers around the grace that is found in Christ Jesus. Stephen loves sports, good barbecue, and fresh air. Stephen earned his Master of Divinity at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO. He'd love to meet you if he already hasn't! Please shoot him an email or drop by!

Email: christcovenantpastor@gmail.com

Office Hours: Weekday Mornings 8:30-12 (except Fridays)

Pastoral Outreach Hours*: Weekday Afternoons (except Fridays)

*Time, out of the office, used for a variety of ministries.

Meet Our Elders

Following the teaching of Scripture, Christ Covenant is led by elders, who, in accords with 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, are men who meet the biblical qualifications to lead our church in spiritual oversight.

Ken Horton

Ken is married to Toni and has four children and several grandchildren. Ken farms with his sons. Ken specifically gives leadership as the elder of finance.

Jose Rito

Jose has 3 children and several grandchildren. Jose works for ADM and loves fitness and health. Jose specifically gives leadership in the area of community outreach.

Jerad Gooch

Jerad is married to Luaren and has two children. Jerad run the local grocery store. Jerad specially gives leadership in the area of education.

Mark Fairchild

Mark and his wife, Deb, have two adult children. They both serve as teachers in the Wichita County school district (Mark-Agricultural Education, Deb-2nd grade). Mark specifically gives leadership in the area of Missions.

Matt Horton

Matt is married to Aubrey and has two children. Matt raises crops with his father and brothers. Matt specifically gives leaderhsip in the area of technology.

Meet Our Deacons

Following the teaching of Scripture, Christ Covenant has deacons, who, in accords with 1 Timothy 3, are men and women who meet the biblical qualifications to serve our church through maintenance and mercy ministriy.

Mercy Ministry Team

Our Mercy Ministry Deacon team is led by Deb Fairchild and serves both our church and community by tangibly expressing God's love through thoughtful actions and interactions with those in need.

Maintenance Team

Our Maintenance Deacon team is led by Treven Burch and cares for our church by taking care of the physical property both inside and outside the facility.